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Session 180402 ‘MONDAY 2nd APRIL 2018 ‘Communication Breakdown’

Direct actors, models and cameras. Get organised and more productive.
Be clear in in your story and communicate well. Take your story beyond the page, find your audience and be awesome.

7-9pm southlands arts centre
75, the green, west drayton, middlesex. UB7 7PW
web: twitter: @UB7creative

Production / Direction / Actors & models / Organisation 



Hands on production design 101. Is it possible to create alien planets, a dense jungle, city scape or disaster scene in a small room using just a pile of rubbish and torches from the pound shop? We find out…..

7-9pm southlands arts centre
75, the green, west drayton, middlesex. UB7 7PW
web: twitter: @UB7creative
Production design  / Lighting / Set design / Art Direction


catching up on gossip Inside the mining truck

Session Summary: 
The focus of this session was to use brain power over gear to produce a scene for camera set far away from the room we were working in.

Taking on the work of Production design, set design slash Art department slash DOP is common (in my experience) on sets of zero or Micro-budget movie making where ideas are abundant, funds scarce. Small theatre companies and artists working to tight budget restrictions also face making the most of abundant cheap or free materials.

Many experienced practitioners develop an effective way of working within their budget and with resources that are readily available to them. Rather than trying to shoot the worlds next Science Fiction blockbuster a (some would say smart) micro-budget film maker may keep their production simple, current day and concentrate on performance and story.

For this session we will be the dreamers, those who refuse to compromise. Rather than concentrate on the negative, lack of funds, or what we don’t have, we will pool our creative thinking to make something fantastic from what we do have.
Yes we could use a computer but really, where is the fun in that?


a big pile of rubbish including cardboard, cans, paper and an old polaroid camera

it was a slow start.
After much poking about with cardboard, lights and torches, old lego milk bottles and two bags of flour time ticked was ticking by. A shiny silver emergency blanket stood out from the pile of rubbish in front of us… swayed by the session title we headed for somewhere in space.

We had a ,  –


This session took place Monday 5th March 2018 scroll down for a summary
UB7creativeSocial SERIES 1 EP#1 ‘Caged Ambience’
session promise:
Learn some fundamentals of light and sound by seeing and hearing.
Witness the delights of a gelled snoot and gobo.
Perform and record John Cage‘s 4-33

photos in this post by : DIY Film school

This was our first session…
it was a a bit raggedy but we learned, 
discussed and had some fun…..


The first half….

A quick intro through some lighting basics.. We discussed seeing light and working out how to control it or best use it to your advantage when making or taking pictures.

See the Light
Without light there is not much to see, no colour, shape or form but between sunlight, moonlight (more below) manmade lighting and glow worms mostly we are in situations with some light even if it is at a low level, trick is to see it.

Time and Location
Obvious If you are working outdoors – time of year, time of day and of course the weather are all big contributors in what quality and how much ambient light are available. First off check the ambient or existing light where you are. We had a quick explore of the room in which we sat lit by a mix of fluorescent tubes and a tungsten bulb.  In terms of not tripping over furniture the light worked great but for pictures the room lights were not so inspiring, so we flipped the light switch and sat in the dark….

Get control
At 7pm in early March it is not much of a surprise that the room was dark with the lights out but for making pictures having control over light is a massive plus. We had found our first big game changer right there on the wall.
With the lights off and the level of light from the window as low as it was we had options to implement our own light sources to maximum effect – the red LED’s from the buildings systems were also much more visible, obvious right! but it quickly indicated to us that low powered and alternative light sources could be used creatively – we had a look at some e candles – and coo- eed though not everyone was convinced.


Direct or Bounced?
Light has a habit of bouncing off of things. The Sun is mad, bad and dangerous to know, a great big old fiery ball of fire sending light out in all directions. The Moon is just a ball of rock floating about doing its thing, it has no batteries, no explosions or fire of its own and produces no light. Moonlight is bounced sunlight, the light of the sun bouncing off the moon back to earth.

The sunlight that reaches the surface of the earth after bouncing off the moon is weaker than the direct sunlight that either we or any good citizens of the moon experience. Sunlight fires out in directions from the hot fiery source and only a small part of that light hits the moon a small part still will bounce to Earth.

Most of the Suns light shoots out into the big unknown some light that does bounce off the moon, bounces off elsewhere – the moon being a ball shape not helping.

The light that does bounce off the moon, in the right spot and not lost in a moon cave will be reshaped and coloured by the moons surface. If the moon really was made of blue cheese moonlight reflected sunlight would be a bit more greeny blue, if the moon was red the moon it would glow red in sunlight and the reflected moonlight sunlight reaching earth would be red.

The quality of moonlight its more of a moon colour than a sun colour
When you see can assess and see opportunities to use the light and space to your advantage. you are in can help you make good decisions. Good decisions can make for a more stress free creative life and give your end product a bit of fairy dust. and how productive you are. Show me the money

If you have the option to change your location, not just jetting off to sunny shores or the North Pole. It could be moving to the other side of a room, another room, have you looked to see what is possible?


The second half….


and hearing ambient sound when recording audio

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