Inspirational social with workshops and hands on learning for creatives. Southlands Arts Centre UB7 7PW. 7pm-9pm.

Drop in sessions 7pm-9pm Southlands Arts Centre
75, The Green, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7PW

Up next at our mixed bag of drop in Monday sessions :

04 Mar 2019 Charity Pop#1
writing a charity pop record, Marketing strategy and band styling

18 Mar 2019 Charity Pop#2
pop music workshop part two: Recording our charity pop record

01 Apr 2019 Show and Tell
Bring share your personal projects with the group

15 Apr 2019 Big Fish, Little Fish
Cardboard box boned sculpture challenge

29 Apr 2019 Muralizationalism
Giant Biodegradable Mural anyone?

13 May 2019 Great Artists Steel –
remix, rejig create new from existing work

27 May 2019 Blue Monday –
Cyanotype print making workshop

Previous Sessions……..

21 Jan 2019 Monoprint Ninjas are GO!
Print, Ink, Lino cut, scratch and press your way to printing Nirvana
04 Feb 2019 Pin Hole #1 intro build and shoot
Analogue & digital pinhole photography workshop build, shoot, develop, print Lead by the mighty Toby V
18 Feb 2019 Pin Hole #2 develop and next steps
Analogue & digital pinhole photography workshop build, shoot, develop, print Lead by the mighty Toby V
10 Dec 2018 Art School Bake Off
Xmas special: Bad Art Baker 2018
29 Oct 2018 The Horror
Film challenge – Halloween Horror shoot
26 Nov 2018 Sandy’s Locke Challenge
Film challenge – Using ‘Locke’ as a start point
12 Nov 2018 Edit in the back of the net
a step by step  journey through the edit process with the rushes from last sessions horror shoot. Watch, Learn and become Zen with editting
15 Oct 2018 Attack Of The Selfies
01 Oct 2018 Stop Motion Animation
17 Sep 2018 Documentary storytelling
03 Sep 2018 Presentation and Framing
20 Aug 2018 Show and Tell
06 Aug 2018 Time, Time, Time
30 July 2018 School Trip
23 July 2018 Soap show and site specific miniatures

08 July 2018 Soap Testimonials
09 July 2018 The Message
25 June 2018 The Kids From Fame



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  1. Ray #
    June 8, 2018

    You’re nuts, Clive! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  2. December 11, 2018


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