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14th May 2018 s1e06 ‘Spontaneous Tongue and Groove’

Free improvisation music and performance
This session we will form a free improvising orchestra, take a listen to some found instruments and found sounds, work with alternative scores and record an original Film soundtrack live. Sound like fun?

The tea break : Sound recording basics, free improvisation and music making inspiration. Referenced Artists / further reading :
Evan Parker, John Edwards, Stockhausen, Whale oil, Chris Watson

14th May 2018
Season 1 episode 6 ‘Spontaneous Tongue and Groove’

7pm-9pm Southlands Arts Centre 75, The Green, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7PW

In this session we will explore free improvisation in music. If you have an instrument or an object that makes great sound please do bring it. We will also be recording  found sounds and making some music with alternative scores. The climax of this session will be  recording an original soundtrack to the as yet unreleased block-busting underground art film ‘UB7 the movie’.

The tea break : Sound recording basics, music and recording audio inspiration
Referenced Artists: Evan Parker, John Edwards, Whale oil, Chris Watson, Stockhausen

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