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This session took place Monday 30th March 2018 – scroll down for a summary 

30th April 2018
Season 1 episode 5 ‘Painting at The Speed Of Light’

30th April 2018 s1e05 ‘Painting at The Speed Of Light’

The tea break  : Photography, photography, photography. All questions answered, if it keeps you up at night and involves a camera now is the time to ask a resident ninja.

7pm-9pm Southlands Arts Centre 75, The Green, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7PW

Light Painting session lead by Toby V.
Master light painting techniques and squeeze a bit more camera know how between your ears making white hot art while you are at it.
We will get to grips with multiple light sources, take in a sprinkling of off camera flash, fireworks, fairy lights, maybe even a toaster to create some scrumptious still images.

Picasso paints with light

The tea break  : Photography, photography, photography. your questions answered and worries eased. If it keeps you awake at night and involves baffling camera buttons and a manual in Mandarin, now is the time to ask.

Session Summary:

Lots of fun in this session run by the one and only Toby Vandevelde see video and gallery below to get a taste…

Light Painting Articles and inspiration

Article on Picasso painting with light

strobist review of light painting book – great pics

playlist of Light painting videos with different techniques and tools

This session took place Monday 16th March 2018 – scroll down for a summary UB7creativeSocial SERIES 1 EP#4 ‘Theatre Of Fruit’

session outline:

Session 180416 ‘MONDAY 16th APRIL ‘The Theatre Of Fruit’

Discover possibilities for storytelling with puppets and animation.
In this session we go large on puppets, have a crack at stop motion and make a romantic comedy with a bag of garlic and a ripe banana
animation / storytelling / puppets / sound / light / video

session report:


Fantastic rising phoenix shadow puppet made in this session


The plan for this session was to get a rounded toe dip in a few different types of puppetry and animation – we planned to make some shadow puppets, animate everyday objects in real time, then try some stop motion animation producing a short show. However a two hour session flies by and the group got so wrapped up in making shadow puppets that the animation and vegetable rom-com part got put on ice for a future session!


shadow puppets by group members

Shadows are a great way to tell a story and can be made from inexpensive materials. A white sheet with a lamp or torch behind it for a screen. We cut our puppet shapes from black card which is great for making these kind of puppets but you can use many things to make interesting shadows.

If you are wondering what apples have to do with shadow puppets refer to the top of this page! you can see in the next batch of pictures our shadow screen – a white sheet with a torch behind it and some of the paper cut outs held up between the torch and the screen to create a shadow.

This video is a montage of what we ended up with – more of a record of the puppets we made that evening than a fantastically crafted story but quite possibly the worlds first black and white Fishing Monster movie!

Moving clips and pictures of the session in this video:

have a look at the videos below for inspiration on shadow puppets and puppets in general more like these being added to the resources and inspiration section on this site